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PanGrill-it™     MADE IN THE USA

 The Pan Grill-it™ is a NEW!, one of a kind, commercial grade, Made in USA, pre-seasoned, cast iron grill insert designed to fit in a 12” cast iron skillet, 12” seasoned steel skillets, 10.5” round cast iron griddle, place on rusted existing grill grates at home or at the park, use as a Trivet in 7 & 9 quart Dutch Ovens, place under turkeys, hams or roasts whille baking keeping them from browning or scorching.  

 The Pan Grill-it’s™ use and patent design allows you to grill your favorite foods at your favorite places all year round. It provides a healthier way of grilling and cooking carcinogen free. It produces a wonderful all natural juicy taste without any need for unhealthy additives such as cooking sprays or butter.



USA’s New Choice for Gourmet-Grill’n


Indoor Grilling


Apartment/Condo Dwellers

Winter Grilling

Solo Grilling

Parks & Recreation

Dutch Oven Lovers

Restaurant Applications

Recommended Uses (But not limited to)

Rain, snow or shine, the Pan Grill-It™ allows you to enjoy the taste of barbecuing in its healthiest form in any season of the year.  Whether it is inside your kitchen, apartment, camping, at the park, or your favorite sporting event, the PAN Grill-it™ has you covered.

The PAN Grill-it™ is a pre-seasoned cast iron grill-type insert, designed to be placed in a 12" or larger cast iron skillet, 10.5" or larger griddle, place over rusted grill grates at home or at the park, or on commercial flat-top grills.  It is also can be used to bake with after first searing your food. A method used today in fine-dine restaurants.

The PAN Grill-it™ will revitalize your menu at home, on vacation or any location. This can provide healthier item choices for you and your family. Grill meats, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, sandwiches or wraps.

Cast iron has been used for centuries and has been known for savoring the flavors and then locking them in on cool down for the next grilling experience. You may realize that their may be no need for using salts or seasoning. Also, because the PAN Grill-it™ is pre-seasoned, the surface is non-stick which means there is no need for additives such as oils or butters. Experience the way food is supposed to taste; clean, fresh, light and flavorful.

Cooking and grilling with cast iron is healthy. It’s proven that cooking on cast iron can help your food absorb incremental amounts of iron and can help in any lack there of in your existing diet. Iron is an essential part to staying healthy. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the United States, according to our own CDC. Iron is what carries oxygen from our lungs through our blood streams, it helps promote healthy digestion and it affects several of our organ functions.

The PAN Grill-it™ is great for RVer's, tailgaters, hunters, fisherman, and apartment/condo dwellers wanting to get that unique barbecue taste without having to travel around with a large grill and all of the accessories. It makes for the perfect gift, sales incentive, and promotional giveaways.

PAN Grill-it™ sells only quality USA Made and inspected cast iron products. It is owned and operated in Brighton, MI. The products are offered online: and also local health markets, specialty stores, retail, grocery and other local distributors.

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“Will Last You A Lifetime”

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